New Logo Frenzy Continues in Fresno

Fresno_grizzlies_primary_logo_1I know it’s hard to fathom, but we recently suffered through a nearly two-week stretch in which no new logos were unveiled within the wide world of the affiliated Minor Leagues. Fortunately for us all, the Fresno Grizzlies have emphatically ended this ignominious streak.

On Thursday, the Grizzlies debuted their new uniforms in a public "launch event" that was held at Fresno’s World Sports Cafe. The new duds marks the third time in 10 seasons that the Grizzlies have overhauled their look. No one can accuse the club of being complacent, that’s for sure!

Team officials seem to believe that the third time’s the charm, however. In a press release sent outFresyes_1
yesterday, the Grizzlies state that the new look will "shape the team’s identity for the longevity of the franchise".

Ah, but was is this new look exactly? As I can always be counted on to do in times of need, I refer to the press release once again:

"The new primary logo features a Grizzly Bear poised atop a custom and stylized ‘Grizzlies" font. The bear’s menacing claws clutch the "G" and "S" of the team moniker, which is centered over a home plate that is highlighted with "Fresno" and anchored by a baseball.

In a move consistent with strong fan feedback, the Grizzlies will adopt an orange and black color scheme that mirrors their Minor League affiliate, the San Francisco Giants."

Much more information can be obtained in this press release, but I will refrain from further quotation-mongering. All I can see fit to add is that this is one mean-looking Grizzly, an intimidating individual who seems far removed from the easy-going affability of Parker the team mascot.

Seeing as how the Grizzlies are a tireless and innovative organization, I have faithGrizslashthumb300x257
that they will have no problem reconciling these contrasting personas. My hope is that the bear depicted on the logo teams up with Parker, and after an initial period of mutual distrust they get over their differences and work together as an unstoppable crime fighting unit. It’ll be like a Minor League version of 48 HRS.

One comment


    With my apologies to the Grizzlies (and to Parker in particular), I find cute childish mascots boring. If they look cute, they think they have to act cute, and adults are left out. Sorry, Parker, but I think you should be retired and a tougher (or at least funkier) mascot should take your place.

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