Not Just a New Logo In Quad Cities…

RockyFrom the "Lest I Be Remiss in My Duties" department comes this huge piece of information, which was revealed to the general public last week:

The Class A Midwest League franchise formerly known as "The Swing of the Quad Cities" will henceforth be known as the Quad Cities River Bandits! This is not a "new" name so much as a return to the old, as the club went by the the River Bandits handle from 1992-2003.

After four years as the rather awkwardly-named "Swing of the", the club (which is under new ownership) initiated a "ReName the Team" contest, in which fans were invited to choose between six potential monikers. River Bandits ended up with a ******** 48% of the vote, while Channel Cats received a very respectable 32%. None of the remaining four choices (Talons, Current, River Eagles, and Swing) ended up with more than 6% of the vote.

It goes without saying that with a new team name comes a new team logo, which is featured right at the top of this here post. Obligatory quote from the press release:

"The new logo has a ‘lively’ personality," commented Randy Jacobs, CEO of local marketing agency Jacobs Thoms. "The overall impression is aggressive, but at the same time fun. The raccoon character adds some emotions to the icon and the colors are vibrant and positive, supporting a lively personality."

Finally, the club has also announced that they have reached an agreement with the ModernModern_woodmen
Woodmen of America, who purchased the naming rights for John O’Donnell Stadium for the next 10 seasons. As a baseball purist, I am always a tad dismayed to see the name of a stadium sold to a private interest. However, the River Bandits deserve credit for choosing to go with an organization that has deep roots in the Quad Cities area as well as a proven track record of investing in the community.

Plus, I’ve got to admit it: Modern Woodmen Stadium is a really cool name. While we’re at it, I’d love to see that become a colloquial term for 21st Century Baseball players. You know, guys play in college with aluminum bats, but then a select few go on to the pros and become "Modern Woodmen".

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    I like the “Modern Woodmen” concept. I think it should be communicated with the club to see if it has any legs with them.

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