'Tis A New Season!

HotstoveHello, and Happy 2008 from all of us here at Ben’s Biz Blog (me). The Holiday season has come and gone, but there is no time to stop and lament this fact. No! For a new season is now upon us. For lack of a better term, we’ll call it the Hot Stove Season.

In the Major Leagues, "Hot Stove" has become a commonly used slang term for offseason player transactions. But in the Minor Leagues, Hot Stove Season is something else entirely. It is that magical time of year when teams host their annual "Hot Stove" Dinners, which give fans the chance to mingle with celebrity baseball guests in the dead of winter. The proceeds often go to charity, but teams are able to profit in a different manner, as "Hot Stove" events are a time-tested way to put the team in the public eye during the long, cold offseason, and serve as a means to get everyone thinking about baseball again. After all, the cruel and unyielding passage of time will soon result in it being April once again.

In honor of the Hot Stove events that will soon be taking place around the Minors (the first of which I am aware of is on January 5 in Syracuse), I now present the first-ever Ben’s Biz Blog quiz. All you, the reader, need to do is match up the team with one of its scheduled Hot Stove celebrity guests. The first person to email me (milbbusiness@yahoo.com) the correct answers will win a prize pack consisting of items that I have found lying around MiLB.com headquarters, such as a camouflage Minor League Promotional Seminar outdoor cap. Contest is not open to friends and family of Ben’s Biz Blog, thereby eliminating 90% of my prospective respondents.

Good Luck!

1. Clinton LumberKings                                                      A. Bobby Richardson                           2. Cedar Rapids Kernels                                                     B. Mike Veeck
3. Williamsport Crosscutters                                              C. Bill Madlock
4. Syracuse Chiefs                                                              D. Johnny Pesky
5. New Hampshire Fisher Cats                                            E. Bobby Cox
6. Winston-Salem Wart Hogs                                               F. Kyle Kendrick
7. Kane County Cougars                                                      G. Eric Davis

Answers to be revealed on Monday…

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