Louie the LumberKing 2.0

Louie_louieThe names "Clinton" and "Iowa" were all over the news last week, as a result of the nation’s first presidential caucus. But Ben’s Biz Blog isn’t concerned with matters political. No, sir.

For our purposes, what’s much more important is this piece of late-breaking news that actually originates from Clinton, Iowa:

The Clinton LumberKings (Class A affiliate of the Texas Rangers) have updated their long-running "Louie the LumberKing" logo for the 21st century!

The original Louie logo was unveiled in 1994 to much fanfare. His handlebar mustache, plaid undershirt, and generally swarthy appearance captured the zeitgeist perhaps better than any other mid-90s Minor League logo. But times have changed, so therefore Louie must change as well.

The most obvious difference between the two Louies is that the new one is significantly bulked upLou
(steroid jokes are too obvious here, although I must use this opportunity to reiterate my suspicions regarding Williamsport’s Rusty Roughcut). He is also sporting a crisp goatee, and the way his right eyebrow is arched gives off an air of malevolent glee. Obviously, Louie quite enjoys his position as ruler of felled wood.

Last, but certainly not least, Louie now swings a conventional baseball bat. Apparently he got tired of his previous piece of baseball lumber, which was simply a board with a nail in it. That was a seriously outdated piece of equipment, as the last professional league that allowed boards with nails in them to be used as baseball bats was the short-lived Player’s League, which folded after its inaugural campaign in 1890.

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