Minor League Ice Capades

Lowellspinners3The always-innovative Lowell Spinners will soon be staging a creative and ambitious offseason promotion, and one can only hope that their example encourages other teams to follow suit. The world would be a better place if Minor League Baseball promotions were held year-round, and it would make it easier for me to justify my continued employment at MiLB.com.

On Friday, fans who attend the UMass hockey game between the home team River Hawks and the Boston College Eagles will be treated to "Spinners on Ice". During this special evening, the Spinners’ will transport their usual brand of gameday entertainment to Tsongas Arena. Check out what’ll be going on — in list form, of course:

— The first 500 fans wearing Spinners or Red Sox clothing will receive a Jonathan Papelbon World
Series poster.

— Spinners manager Gary DiSarcina will be on hand to drop the ceremonial first puck. The formerWeddedbliss_1
Anaheim Angels infielder is a Massachusetts native.

— 200 Papelbon bobbleheads will sold at the arena, and Spinners season ticket holders will be given the first opportunity to obtain one. After the first period, they will be available to the masses.

— Spinner mascots Canaligator, Allie-Gator and Millie-Gator will be roaming the stands all evening.

–Breaks in the action will feature dizzy bat races, sumo wrestling, t-shirt tosses, and other Spinners gameday promos.

Wow, I’m exhausted even typing all of this. Thank goodness it’s the offseason, and I can now go take a nap on company time.


  1. jchill@princeton.edu

    They should make it so the first 500 wearing Spinners gear only should get the poster. Probably more than 500 Red Sox T-shirts would be worn to the game even if there was no incentive.

  2. jcdougla@gmail.com

    The promo sounds great…unfortunately for those of us in Vermont…no such deal for us. Ahhh, the joys of sharing a major league team (and it’s minor league equivalent) with 3 other states. Not to put out Champ and the Lake Monsters, but you get the drift.

  3. dangerbird78@hotmail.com

    I have a question… How did a team named the Spinners come to acquire three alligators as mascots?

    Personally, the thought of alligators and spinning in the same realm leads me to envision the gruesome “death roll” these animals use to dismember and kill prey. Could this, somehow, play into a promotion down the line? Like, the first fan to survive a death roll wins a Millie-gator bobblehead?

  4. MiLB

    Well, the city of Lowell is home to six miles of canals. And, apparently, alligators live in these canals.

    Also it should be noted that Canaligator and Allie-gator were legally wed in a ceremony at LeLacheur Park in May of 2006. Millie was born on Opening Day 2007.

    This is a very friendly alligator family, and they have certainly never been to do a “death roll”. Maybe they would if the Mahoning Valley Scrappers bulldog mascot provoked them enough, but that’s the only circumstance I can imagine.

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