Baseball From Another Galaxy

GfvlogoThis offseason’s nearly non-stop parade of new logos and "identity changes" have been somewhat exhausting for an obsessive-compulsive blogger such as myself, and sometimes I find myself wishing that they would stop already.

But then something like this comes along, and I am reminded anew why I like this crazy business so much in the first place. For those who didn’t just click on the above link, let me spell it out for you: On Tuesday, the Pioneer League entity previously known as the Great Falls White Sox changed their name to the Great Falls Voyagers.

I love when teams change their identities to better reflect local history, which is obviously a greater source of pride to the community than often tenuous alliances with Major League ballclubs. In the case of Great Falls, the Voyagers name was chosen due to a very interesting piece of local history. From the team’s new website: "In 1950, Nick Mariana, the General Manager of the Great Falls Baseball team, filmed two rotating, silvery objects above the ballpark. The Mariana film is one of the strongest cases supporting the existence of UFOs." (an excerpt from the Mariani footage can be found here).

As a bonus, "Voyagers", can also be used as a reference to the fact that the Lewis and Clark expedition arrived in Great Falls in 1850. In fact, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is located in Great Falls. But let’s not kid ourselves, when it comes to an image suitable for early 21st century Minor League Baseball, extraterrestrials will beat out 19th-century explorers any day (this was recently proven on an episode of the popular Japanese game show "Time Traveling Interstellar Minor League Logo Fight!").

I am sorry to say that I was unaware of Great Falls’ identity change prior to this morning (thanks toMariani
Brian Earle from the Minor League head office for the tip), as the team’s advertising campaign over the past month was creative and highly detailed. Check it out here, scroll through the archives, and be amazed.

Believe it or not, there will be another Minor League logo change in a scant three hours (I am bound to secrecy as to which team it is, however). You can rest easy knowing that Ben’s Biz Blog will cover it in full, by Monday at the latest (I’m busy!).

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