A Crosscut Above

Prim_logoIn last week’s post about the Great Falls Voyagers, I hinted at the fact that yet another Minor League logo change would soon follow.

And follow it did! On Thursday evening, the New York-Penn League’s Williamsport Crosscutters unveiled their new identity at the club’s annual Hot Stove dinner. This identity hearkens back to a memorable period of the Pennsylvania city’s history.

"Our new look honors Williamsport’s legacy as the original ‘Lumber Capital of the World’, when the city had more millionaires per-capita than anywhere else," said Crosscutters Vice President of Marketing Gabe Sinicropi in a press release.

Unfortunately, the logo does not honor the millionaires themselves, as a jersey featuring aHome_cap
monocle-wearing guy in a top hat would be quite awesome. Here are the details on the new look, excerpted from the press release:

"Fans will enjoy a team logo featuring a new lumberjack illustration with crossed log and bat….Three new caps are also part of the new identity program. The home cap is red with a W-shaped saw logo. The road cap is navy blue with a "C" on the stump. The third cap is an alternate cap which is red with a navy blue bill and features the new lumberjack illustration…A woodpecker and a pine cone mark will also make their way into the Crosscutters identity program, providing additional souvenir opportunities for fans."

Williamsport_jerseyltr_clr_copy I, for one, am glad that woodpecker and pine cone made their way into the identity program. I imagine them as two best friends who travel across the country looking for Minor League logos to incorporate themselves into, and have in fact tried to interest several network executives in a sitcom pilot I wrote that is based around this premise.

More Crosscutters news will be coming down the pike at a later date, when the team reveals its new mascot. As mentioned before on this esteemed blog, the team’s previous mascot, Rusty Roughcut, stepped down from his post  at the same time that the Mitchell Report was released. Coincidence?

And, finally, it must be mentioned that this is the second new lumberjack logo to be unveiled this month. This, of course, was the first.

One comment

  1. bostwyck@yahoo.com

    It’s a shame this team could not find a way to celebrate the legacy of Tina Russell somewhere in their new promotion strategy.

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