What You C Is What You Get

Vclogo2008overlayAfter a slightly-longer-than-usual gap between posts, I return to action this evening with information on something that is near and dear to my heart. In fact, it is something I cannot escape from, no matter how hard I try.

I am talking, of course, about logo changes. This past Thursday, the Vancouver Canadians unveiled their new look! The Canadians’ recent revamp is a relatively subtle one, but worth noting nonetheless.  Perhaps most significantly, the club’s primary  "C" logo now says  "C’s".  According to the press release, this reflects the team nickname most commonly used by fans and also draws a parallel between the Canadians and their parent club, the Oakland A’s (I am disappointed that the Canadians did not call their new look a "C Change", but that’s just me).

Furthermore, one will notice that the new logo incorporates a baseball within the "C", and eliminatesVancouver_canadians_logo_1
the color blue from the primary scheme (the old logo is located to your right).

The new logo is just the latest in a long line of recent changes for the Canadians, who were purchased in February of 2007 by a local ownership group. As this once-esteemed blog mentioned last week, the inimitable Andrew Seymour was recently hired as the new General Manager, and long-time baseball executive Andy Dunn officially took the role of Team President earlier in the month.

Vancouver has a long history as a Triple-A city, and fielded a team in the Pacific Coast League as recently as 1999. Will the Canadians’ new personnel and ownership attempt to "C’s the Day" by raising the club’s profile within the Minor League Baseball landscape? It should be interesting season up north.


  1. ghill@hillenv.com

    Grammatically speaking, both the “A’s” and the “C’s” are incorrect. An apostrophe connotes either possession or a missing letter. The above apostrophes mean neither. The ‘s above really just means plural; i.e., more than A and more than one C. Note that we don’t say the Oakland Athletic’s. I know how nerdy/dorky this post sounds (and I don’t think the A’s should be called the As). Oh, well . . .

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