Democracy In Action

Seal_uspresidentialThis summer, the United States Presidential race will be a hot topic of conversation across the country. Poll results will be endlessly scrutinized, and media coverage will be incessant and overwhelming.

Fortunately, the six teams within the Mike Veeck-led Goldklang Group have devised an extremely accurate and effective method to gauge just who the next occupant of the White House will be. Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourselves for Bobblection  2008, which will be taking place from August 6-11th. Here’s how it works, from the press release:

"As fans pass through stadium turnstiles, they will be directed to election booths where they’ll have the option of casting their vote for either the Democratic or Republican candidate. For participating in the voting, they will receive the bobblehead doll of their candidate. When one candidate runs out of dolls, he or she will be declared the winner of that ballpark’s Bobblection."

2008 marks the second time that a bobblection was held. In 2004, George Bush defeated John Kerry in four of the seven participating ballparks. Rumors that Republican operatives purposely spread misinformation in Democratic neighborhoods as to the time of the games and the location of the stadiums have not been substantiated.

Four of the six teams taking part in Bobblection 2008 compete in the independent leagues, which is unfortunately out of the Ben’s Biz Blog jurisdiction. As for the two affiliated teams: the Charleston Riverdogs will hold their Bobblection on August 8, while the Fort Myers Miracle’s will be on August 11. Mark your calendars!

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