Semi-Aquatic Rodent — Now With More Charisma!

BeaversAt this point in the offseason, I have come to regard logo changes as if they were a slasher-flick villain. Everytime I think that they are dead and gone, I feel a firm and sickly grip on my ankles and get pulled into the abyss for yet another round of nightmarish battle. So here we go:

On Tuesday, the Portland Beavers unveiled their new identity!

The Beavers, the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, have chosen to place a strong emphasis on their long and distinguished past as a Minor League franchise. At this point, I must defer to the (fantastically long and detailed) press release:

"The new logo and uniforms embrace the history that Portlanders told us is so meaningful to them," said team President and General Manager Merritt Paulson. "The look helps to underscore the fact that the Beavers have been Portland’s team since 1903."

The new look is centered around Lucky the Beaver (any middle school boys reading this areThreebeavers
commanded to stop laughing now). Lucky is the focus of the primary logo, which features "a charismatic beaver swinging from the left side of the plate, encompassed by a round border that includes the phrasing ‘Portland Beavers’ and ‘EST’D 1903.’"

Fans desiring more information on the ins and outs of the Beavers’ identity overhaul are advised once again to check out the press release. It includes detailed information on home, road, and Sunday uniforms as well as an update on merchandise availability. In short, it accomplishes all that I cannot. After waging battle with the new logo beast over the past three and a half months, my energy reserves are just too low.

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