A Moose-See Event

Rocky_1During this particularly jaded and cynical period of American history, it can be hard to get excited about anything. After all, hasn’t it all been done before?

The answer to that is a definitive "NO!", and the crazy goings-on within the world of the Minor Leagues serve as ample proof of this fact. On Sunday morning, for instance, a moose will be jumping into the Atlantic Ocean.

Not just any moose, mind you, but Rocky Bluewinkle, the mascot of the Carolina League’s Wilmington Blue Rocks. And, of course, there’s a darn good reason that Rocky will be submerging himself in frigid salt water: for charity!

Rocky is a participant in the 17th Annual Polar Bear Plunge, which raises money for the Special Olympics. In order to prepare himself for the icy waters, Rocky has been training with veteran plungers and Special Olympics athletes. According to a recent press release, he and his team haveRockyface
been scouting "local lakes, ponds, and even large puddles to get the feel for what the brisk Atlantic Ocean will feel like this Sunday."

Rocky’s Special Olympics fundraising page is located here. His goal is to raise $1000, and he is currently about halfway there. I urge readers of this fine blog to make a donation to Rocky’s fine cause. In fact, I’ll put my money where my mouth is and contribute $25. I’ve never had a chance to sponsor the cold-water swimming exploits of a Moose before, and who knows when an opportunity like that is going to come around again?

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