Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Rphils Dear Readership —

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Once again, my overseers have seen fit to assign me a great number of actual articles to write, and this has negatively affected my ability to post on this fine blog.

I suppose there has been some merit to my non-blogging activities, hard as it may be to believe, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. On Thursday, my article on Valentine’s Day in the Minor Leagues appeared.  It made me sad that I do not live in an area in which I can hire an anthropomorphic steam engine to deliver roses and candy to Mrs. Biz Blog. Perhaps one day I will.

Today, my article on Japanese Promotions ran as the lead story on our bi-weekly Minoring inJnight1_1

Business feature. I find Japan to be a truly fascinating country, and am intrigued to see if American teams start to adopt some their promotional techniques. I, for one, would like to live in a world that included Seventh-Inning Stretch Balloons, Fortune Tellers, Beer Vendor Keg Packs, and, of course, Human Tetris.

Finally, on Monday look for my Black History Month article on Moses Fleetwood Walker. This guy was truly one of the most fascinating characters in baseball history. Also, please check out the debut of our new "At Home With" team profile feature. The first subject of this weekly interview column will focus on the Lowell Spinners. Thanks to General Manager Tim Bawmann (who, you may recall, was recently on the losing end of a Super Bowl bet) for taking the time to answer our questions.

Unfortunately, this here post that you are currently enjoying will sit unmolested atop this fine blog for the next week, as myself and the aforementioned Mrs. Biz Blog are going on vacation. In the meantime, please do anything you can to spread the word about this remote internet outpost. More and more people have been making it a regular destination, and I would very much like for this trend to continue!

Thanks, everyone. I am already looking forward to firing this blog back up on February 25th. Please email me (milbbusiness@yahoo.com) if you have any complaints, concerns, questions, or suggestions!


  1. Zack

    Japanese game shows are the BEST. Somehow, I’d never seen that video before, and while I love it, there’s really not much “Tetris” involved. That was quite a long article you wrote about Japanese promotions. Wow. And yeah, good ol’ Fleet Walker. More people should know about that guy. Have a great vacation.

    -The Baseball Collector


  2. dangerbird78@hotmail.com

    Human Tetris could be the single most entertaining thing to come out of Japan since Ninja Warrior (which, in Japan, is actually known as Sasuke).

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