One Small Step For Fan…

LeapingTomorrow will be far more notable than just a typical run-of-the-mill Friday, for tomorrow is February 29th! Like Presidential elections, the Winter Olympics, and non-disappointing seasons by JD Drew, this occurs just once every four years. Therefore, it should be celebrated.

Approximately 187,000 individuals were born on this special day, including rapper Ja Rule, burlesque performer Tempest Storm, hockey goalie Cam Ward, and comedian Tom Lorenzo. It’s short notice, I know, but these 187,000 folks should strongly consider making a move to Lancaster, California.

On Feb. 29th, the California League’s Lancaster JetHawks are holding the “One Giant Leap for Fankind” leap day tribute, and all individuals with a leap day birthday will receive a free box seat season ticket for the 2008 season!

Now, chances are that you’re just an average Joe or Jane with a boring non-leap day date of birth.Lancaster_jethawks_primary_logo_2_3 Don’t despair, for the JetHawks have smartly expanded tomorrow’s promotion to include everyone, regardless of when you emerged from the womb. From the press release:

“Fans may purchase a Box Section season ticket for the normal price of $350, and “leap” to the Dugout Section for no additional upgrade fee. In addition, fans can purchase two Dugout Box Mini Plan C Ticket Plans for only $229.08, which happens to be the numeric date for Friday (2/29/08).”

Anyone who has experienced the thrill of purchasing goods or services for a price that corresponds to the numeric date of said purchase will tell you that it’s an unforgettable experience. I urge all those who reside in the Lancaster area to take advantage of the opportunity.

Oh, and to Jah, Tempest, Cam, Tom, and the approximately 186,996 other individuals who were born on February 29th: Happy Birthday!



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