Outside of My Jurisdiction

Milb_logo_4The Ben’s Biz Blog sphere of coverage encompasses everything having to do with the operation of affiliated Minor League Baseball clubs.

That is a huge sphere of coverage, let me tell you. I am often overwhelmed by its sheer immensity. 

However, sometimes I come across bits of interesting information that fall outside of my  officially-prescribed territory. Rather than ignoring these non-sanctioned news nuggets, I will now travel out of my admittedly enormous jurisdiction in order to bring them to you. Enjoy, and don’t tell my boss that I’m doing this. He has a low tolerance for loose cannons, ever since watching a late-night showing of Lethal Weapon 4 on TNT.

Urologist a Bunch of Jokers: Via Joe Favorito’s indispensable "Sports Marketing and PR Round-Up" blog, here’s a truly innovative March Madness promotion that will be taking place in Oregon:

"A team of Springfield (Oregon) urologists are running a pre-tournament special on vasectomies,Riverdogs
urging male fans to ‘lower your seed’ for the tournament."

This is, in a word, genius. Minor League Baseball hasn’t had any vasectomy-related promotions since the Charleston RiverDogs cancelled their "Free Vasectomy for Father’s Day" giveaway in 1997. Congratulations to these Northwestern urologists for filling the void.

Speaking of March Madness…Darren Rovell’s Sports Biz Blog is currently staging a single-elimination bracket tournament to determine the best logo in Minor League Baseball. I haveCasperghosts
some serious issues with the first-round match-ups (Casper Ghosts a #16 seed?!? ), but it’s still a fun exercise. And don’t think that we here at MiLB.com are going to be left out when it comes to staging ridiculous bracket-style tournaments. Just wait until Monday…

A Minor League-style Promotion in the Majors: Via the also-indispensable Gameops.com Editor’s Blog comes this Seattle Mariners promotion, which has a distinctly Minor Putz
League spirit:

"The Seattle Mariners will hold ‘J.J. Putz Soul Patch Night’ at their April 12 game. The first 20,000 fans through the gates will receive a ‘stick-on’ version of the tuft of facial hair, called a ‘soul patch, sported by Putz."

Funny, I always thought a soul patch had something to do with shoe repair.

Finally: Via Ballpark Digest, I was tipped to this USA Today article on "All-You-Can-Eat" ballpark seating. Seeing as how the Minors are bursting at the seams with "All-You-Can-Eat" promos, I figured this was a relevant link to provide. Depending on your perspective, these promos are symbolic of either the best or worst that American culture has to offer.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow, safe and sound, in my usual affiliated Minor League environs. I miss it already.


  1. jchill@princeton.edu

    I guess one could say that Major League is to Minor League as regular twine ball is to biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.

  2. MiLB

    I’m just glad that someone picked up on my Weird Al reference, even if it was someone who may or may not be related to me.

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