Midwest League Developments in the Completely Separate Worlds of Mascots and Beer

LoonsprimarylogoNow here’s a first-round draft pick that’s guaranteed not to disappoint — On Monday, the Great Lakes Loons announced that they lent their name to a new beer that will be available at the Dow Diamond during the 2008 season.

This alcoholic innovation has been concocted by Michigan’s Tri-City Brewery, and goes by the name of "Loons Summer Ale". According to a press release sent out by the team, the beverage is "a balanced ale with a light, clean taste and an orange aroma providing a refreshing, thirst-quenching finish."

On March 27th, the Loons and Tri-City Brewery will be holding a launch party to introduce Loons Summer Ale to a thirsty public. Starting on Opening Day (April 8), it will be available for sale at Dow Diamond. A generous 24 oz portion (served in a Midwest League All-Star Game collector’s cup) will cost $5. That’s less than 21 cents an ounce!

Rascal, Rocky, Smoky, Woody and Roscoe — These five names sound like they comprise some sortWoody
of lumberjack boy band, but that is unfortunately not the case. Rather, they are the five finalists in the Quad City River Bandits "Name the Mascot" contest that was mentioned in a post on this fine blog just last week. To cast your vote, go to riverbandits.com and scroll to the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Since my suggestion of "Tanuki" was ignored, I will now begrudgingly cast my vote for "Woody". And, as of my 3:48 p.m. EST vote, Woody was indeed winning.


  1. dangerbird78@hotmail.com

    Judging by his red eye and heavy eyelid in the above logo, I’d say the Great Lakes Loon himself has been sampling his titular ale.

  2. andre_b_28@hotmail.com

    i actually dont like a lot of these names and it confuses me on why people would vote for them. Rascal, my idea, is good and so is Rocky (also my idea). Smoky, is already the fire safety mascots name, Woody, sounds like a wood chuck and Roscoe isnt very friendly. rascal is going to win, and when it does, the same girl who left this comment is going to be a major winner!!!

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