Rusty's Replacement

Thank goodness I checked my email inbox just before writing today’s blog entry. Because when I did, I came across something that truly blew me away. All of the other topics that I was planning on writing about faded into the background as I tried to  wrap my mind around the magnificence of what I had just been exposed to.

Because what I had been exposed to was this:


This charming fellow is the new mascot for the Williamsport Crosscutters. I’ve covered quite a few mascot unveilings this offseason, but this one is undoubtedly the greatest.

Now, you may recall that Rusty Roughcut, the club’s former mascot, left the team earlier in theRusty_1
offseason in order to devote himself fulltime to professional lumberjack competitions. Fortunately, Rusty recommended that the club hire this slightly unstable looking individual, who, according to the press release, "hung out with the guys in the forest and helped with odd jobs."

There is a slight problem, though. In the forest, this guy answered to the name of "Bozo". The CrossCutters can’t use that moniker, however, due to copyright restrictions. So what should he be named? Well, that’s where you come in. The club is looking for suggestions, so please take the time to come up with an appropriate name and email it to

Also, while you’re at it, feel free to leave your name suggestion in the comments section of this fine blog as well. I’d like to improve this site’s current "one comment for every 450 visitors" ratio.

I was going to propose that he be called "Deciduous Dan", but a quick google search revealed that that particular name is already taken.



    I propose that he be called “Willy.” Yes, it’s a cheap play on the city’s name, but it seems right for a cross-eyed bear (?) with no pants and leaves in his hair. No offense to any real Willy’s out there who are cross-eyed, don’t wear pants, and have leaves in their hair.


    “Deciduous Dan”….all the good names are always taken.

    This might go down with as the first outwardly drunk mascot. I will be crushed if the performer doesn’t incorporate a stagger into the walk.

    I dream of getting 1 comment per 450 visitors.


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