The Name Game

Strike_one_1Approximately two months ago, the Northwest Arkansas Naturals unveiled their new mascot to a curious (and ultimately smitten) fanbase.

Possessed as he was with an easy smile and copious body hair, this so-called "baseball-loving sasquatch" had all the necessary ingredients to be a first-rate mascot. There was one slight problem, however — he needed a name.

As is so often the case these days, the Naturals’ solution to this minor problem was to stage a "Name the Mascot" contest. And now, after sifting through hundreds of suggestions from the public, the mascot has been bestowed with a moniker all his own: Strike.

The winning entry came courtesy of 7-year-old Tanner Winn, who will be treated like a "VIP" at an upcoming Naturals’ home game. Young Master Winn was the only individual to submit the name of "Strike". Clearly, his capacity for "outside-the-box" thinking far exceeds that of other seven-year-olds.

The Trenton Thunder must be upset that "Strike" has been taken, as that particular name would beNew_mascot_pr_page
a great fit for their latest mascot creation.

Modeled after the club’s alternate logo, the Thunder’s newest mascot is, essentially, an anthropomorphic lightning bolt. And, of course, this individual is in need of a name. I suggest either "Mellow Yellow" or "Electrical Banana" (which, by the way, is bound to be the very next phase).

The club is currently accepting name suggestions at And while you’re there, you’ll have yet another name to vote on. Chase, the club’s beloved canine mascot, recently fathered a litter of puppies. The Thunder chose to keep one to groom as Chase’s successor, and now this little rapscallion needs a name as well.

The choices have been narrowed down to Lightning, Derby, Catch, Champ, and Slider. Fans can cast their votes online, or, in a stunning innovation, via text message. Go here for more details.

And, since we’re on the topic of names: Minors Moniker Madness starts tomorrow! It’s going to be huge, folks. Absolutely huge. Rest assured, this fine blog will soon be providing you with plenty of information regarding this contest.

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