A Smear Campaign Involving Clinton

LouieMy loyal cadre of regular readers will remember this recent post, in which I gave a brief plug to Darren Rovell’s March Madness-style Minor League Logo Tournament.

Well, only eight logos now remain from the initial field of 64. Things are getting tense, and tempers are starting to flare. For proof of the combatants’ increasingly frayed nerves, one needs to look no further than the battle between the Clinton LumberKings and the Quad City River Bandits. Yesterday, the River Bandits sent out a press release, insinuating that Clinton’s Louie the LumberKing may be a user of performance-enhancing drugs. A sample quote:

"Fans and players alike have noticed a number of changes in Louie’s appearance since the end of the 2007 season, including a larger crown size, an increase in facial hair, and strikingly larger biceps and triceps…rumors have also circulated that he has become more aggressive since trading in his 2×4 for a baseball bat."

Louie himself quickly shot back, utilizing an excuse that I sincerely hope is soon adopted by MLB players who have been accused of steroid use:

"Yes, I do look a little different this year. But all I did was change my facial hair and roll up my sleeves."

Louie then went for the jugular, and attacked Quad Cities where it hurts:Rocky_4

"I mean, this is a team that wore sky blue and orange uniforms, had three sets of jersey numbers, and had six mascots prior to the season. They should really be focusing more on themselves.  They haven’t even figured out what to call their raccoon yet.  All I can think of is that they must be starving for a win of any kind after losing seven straight to get bounced from the playoffs last year."

Louie the LumberKing: Just as deadly with a keyboard as he is with a 2×4.

Voting is still going on over at Darren Rovell’s Sport’s Biz Blog. As of this typing (6:40 p.m. ET), Clinton had garnered 57% of the vote.

In other ridiculous Minor League-themed bracket tournament news, Minors Moniker Madness is now in the Sweet 16.

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  1. dangerbird78@hotmail.com

    I have to say, Mr. Hill, I alike the newly formatted site. According to my calculations, it’s at least 28% swankier than before.

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