"Fun Is Good" on the Golf Course

profriverdogs.jpgThose of you who regularly peruse the content on MiLB.com will recall that the Charleston RiverDogs were featured in last week’s “At Home With…” team profile column.

In said column, Assistant Director of Media Relations Danny Reed explained how the team’s operating principle is “Fun Is Good.” That’s not just some meaningless slogan — the RiverDogs really believe in this concept. For instance, check out the specifics of the club’s upcoming “Fun is Good” charity golf tournament:

“Beginning with a 1 pm shotgun start, the four-man Captain’s Choice
format will feature the traditional RiverDogs twist for nine holes with
“Fun Is Good” being the theme and the other nine holes will adhere to
the “serious and competitive” side of golf. 

During the RiverDogs’ “Fun Is Good” nine holes, there will be
opportunities like placing the golf ball in a sling shot on the tee box
to serve as a drive, using a bat as a putter, dressing in drag and
hitting at kegs in the fairway to win free beer.

Prizes will be provided for first, second and third places, and in
typical RiverDogs fashion, there will be prizes (like a goldfish, a
block of ice, a can of spam or a watermelon) for last place.”

As someone who has always dreamed of being rewarded with a watermelon in recognition of my cross-dressing golfing abilites, this tournament speaks to me on a very deep level. Read more about it here, and while you’re on the RiverDogs website, be sure to check out this blow-by-blow account on the day in the life of a Minor League general manager.

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