The Chance To Impact A Child's Life Forever…

100px-AltoonaCurve.pngAs any parent knows, choosing a name for your child can be a daunting task. With a virtually limitless array of potential monikers to be considered, it can be easy to get bogged down in a swamp of second-guessing and self-doubt.

Wouldn’t this difficult decision be a whole lot easier if you were able to leave it up to a rowdy mob of strangers?

That is a rhetorical question, because of course the answer is yes. And that is just what will be happening in Altoona tonight, as Curve General Manager Jeff Garner and his wife, Karla, are giving fans the chance to name their forthcoming baby daughter.

In order to guard against the selection of a truly horrendous name, the couple have narrowed itbaby.jpg down to just five choices: Lola, Jessica, Oliva, Kayla, and Ella.  Fans will be able to make their selection at the Blair County Ballpark customer service center throughout the evening.

If I was permitted to cast an absentee ballot, I would certainly choose Lola. Although even better would be if the Garners simply combined the first letter of each of the five names.

L-Joke is the greatest baby name imaginable.



    “What Lola wants, Lola gets”
    After compiling nearly 1,000 fan votes from in-stadium polls and online voting, the winning name was chosen by the rowdy mob of strangers and unveiled Oscar’s style in a sealed envelope to the eager crowd and proud parents.
    I’m sure we’ll have some explaining to do someday but for now we are enjoying what certainly has to be considered one of the most creative ways to name a child especially our first. Lola, due in mid-June, was reportedly happy with the choice and excited to meet her fans. We hope to have her at the ballpark soon to sign footprints.
    Thanks for the votes!
    Jeff Garner
    Altoona Curve

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