From RC to QC

zap.jpgA detailed (read:imagined) analysis of my blog stats has revealed that the vast majority of my readers hail from either Rancho Cucamonga, California, or the Quad Cities region of Iowa and Illinois.

Therefore, it is my duty to highlight the Minor League entertainment options that these respective regions are offering on Saturday.

In Rancho Cucamonga, the Quakes will be staging their long-awaited “American Gladiators Night.” I already gave a brief rundown of the event in this week’s Promotion Preview column. Let’s take a look:

“On Saturday, the Quakes will tap into our country’s alleged Gladiator-mania by
paying tribute to the show all evening long. The club will take the
field in special “American Gladiator”-themed jerseys, and all of the
between-inning contests will be modeled after events from the show
(including a post-game “Eliminator” round). Best of all, Zap will be in
attendance. One of the show’s original Gladiators, Zap will be on hand
to pose for pictures, sign autographs and terrorize her adversaries
with a tennis-ball gun.”

In regards to the “between-inning contests that will be modeled after events from the show”, well, let’s take a deeper look at some details from the press release:

Power Ball:
In this twist on the classic game, our Gladiators Tremor and Aftershock (the
quakes.gif club’s mascots)
will each defend, while our two contestants will try and fill up their
respective bins with as many balls as they can.

One Gladiator, One Contestant, Two Jousting Sticks, a lot of fun. Each Contestant will try and
knock off Tremor and Aftershock from the pedestal before Tremor and
Aftershock can knock them off.

Islands’ Restaurant Break Through and Conquer:
We adapt this original Gladiator event to go along with our popular
Islands’ Restaurant Island Find on-field promotion. Now both
contestants will race each other and go against both of our Gladiators
in a battle of who can capture the Island first.

Post-Game Eliminator: The
battle will come down to the final event as the champion will be
crowned and the loser ELIMINATED. We will hold our Eliminator in the
outfield immediately following the game. Our contestants will test their
agility, balance, courage and heart, as they face the most grueling
event ever held on a baseball field.

qcriverbandits.gifIf that’s all a bit too intense for you, then head over to Modern Woodmen Park, home of the Quad Cities River Bandits. Tomorrow, the club will be staging the first edition of their Summer Movie Series, which will take place during every Saturday that the River Bandits are on the road.

This is a great idea, and the team is doing it up right. For a $5 admission fee (which goes toward charitable causes), fans will be able to take in a baseball flick while lounging on the outfield grass.

The Summer Movie Series kicks off with Saturday’s screening of The Sandlot. Here’s the rest of the series. Plan accordingly:

May 24th – Rookie of the Year
June 21st – Angels in the Outfield
June 28th – Little Big League
July 12th – The Rookie
July 26th – Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
August 23rd – Field of Dreams

Yes, plan accordingly. And, also, have a great weekend.

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