JOJO Risin'

Thumbnail image for ports.gifThe Stockton Ports staged “Canadian Tuxedo Night” last Thursday, a game-long celebration of the questionable fashion sense of our neighbors to the north.

So just what is a Canadian Tuxedo, you ask? Instead of answering that reasonable query, I defer to the ace news team at Sacramento’s ABC television affiliate: click here.

Yes, folks — this celebration of the “Jean on Jean Offense” received coverage on the local news. Thanks to Ports’ Assistant Manager Luke Reiff for sending along the video clip, as well as the following photo:

Canadian Tuxedo 016.jpg

Reiff also provided this handy bullet-point rundown of just what this memorable evening entailed:

-Photo ops on denim couch (Previously owned by the
-Denim baseball giveaway (Inventory unable to be sold by
-Best dressed competition
-Air guitar contest
-80s & Canadian themed music
-Super Troopers & Billy Madison video clips (Canadian
tuxedo references)
-Celebrity Canadian Tuxedo sightings (Springsteen, Leno,
McCain, Matt Damon, etc.)

So now you know, folks — a Canadian Tuxedo is an all-denim outfit which provides plenty of fodder for a tongue-in-cheek Minor League promotion. It also provides warmth and comfort to Jay Leno:


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