From the Ballpark to the Bar to the Hot Tub to the Bed

As regular readers of this blog are aware, the Midwest League’s Quad Cities franchise has instituted a relentless barrage of changes and improvements since the end of the 2007 campaign (for more info, read this article).

We are now two months into the season, and the club’s newfound mania for self-improvement has continued unabated. Witness Modern Woodmen Park’s brand-new Tiki Village:

tiki village.jpg

Located in right field, this emerging metropolis features many of the hallmarks of an enlightened urban area. First, there is the Tiki Bar, which serves up Pina Coladas, Mississippi Mai Tais, and “Tiki Bombs.” Fans can enjoy these drinks (as well as food from the nearby BBQ pit) in comfort and style. And, if this photo is to be believed, there are four girls for every guy:

tiki bar.jpg

Groups of 10-30 people also have the option of renting out the Hot Tub Deck. This is the sort of sports viewing experience that had previously only been available to old-money dowagers and Saudi princes:

hot tub.jpg

But the very best place of all to watch the game is the Tiki Bed. Designed for “cozy” groups of six or less, this king-sized bed comes equipped with comfortable pillows and a private wait staff. A “couples package” is also available, featuring champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a candlelight dinner. Enjoy, guys!


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