The Long and the Short of It

catesmil.jpgOne of the strangest and most entertaining coincidences in the Minor Leagues this season is that the tallest and shortest players in all of professional baseball are on the same team.

The players are pitcher Loek Van Mil (7’1″) and shortstop Chris Cates (5’3″) and the team is the Beloit Snappers. Like a snowball gently tumbling down the side of a mountain, the two have garnered an increasing amount of attention as the season has progressed (including the lead in the inaugural edition of my “Beyond the Box Score” column).

Today, in fact, the duo were featured guests on ESPN’s “First Take” morning show. The segment can be viewed here.

Now, no one asked me, but I think the Snappers should commemorate this oddityThumbnail image for DragKings Bobble.jpg by scheduling a Chris Cates/Loek Van Mil dual bobblehead giveaway. If they did, I would be happy to grant it prime desk space next to my recently acquired Drag Kings bobbledoll.

And just because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to end this post by providing a link to another video related to the Minor Leagues. It’s better not to know what’s coming:

Click here.

One comment

  1. gcltwins

    It would be nice if the pair were known for something other than their unusual height. I know Loek has deal with it all his life, but even when he was with the GCL Twins it was like a circus sideshow most days when someone got a look at him.

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