That's A Wrap

hvr.gifAll of two days ago, I did a relatively lengthy post on the Hudson Valley Renegades‘ new “Chili Davis Wrap”. But, my adoring public wanted more, so more I will now give. (Click here — or just scroll down — to bring yourself up to speed on this culinary masterpiece).

Joe Ausanio, the creator of this intriguing new concession stand item, was kind enough to respond to my Chili Davis Wrap-related queries.

“It was kind of funny how it all transpired,” he wrote. “We were talking how we love chili
cheese fries but they are such a mess to eat. I said ‘Hey, lets throw it in a
wrap and contain it’. Then, of course, the rest was history.”

Ausiano was also kind enough to send along a few photos. Here, we see the wrap in an embryonic stage:

Thumbnail image for fries.JPG

Next comes the addition of the titular Chili:


And, then, finally, the cheese:


Man, this is making me hungry. Anyone have a spare $6.67 lying around so I can run up to Hudson Valley and get one of these? Actually, maybe I’ll buy two, and send the second one to Chili Davis so that he can autograph it.


Have a great weekend, everybody.

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