Tats For Tickets

rb.pngWhen we last checked in with the re-vamped Quad City River Bandits, it was to highlight their vast array of unorthodox seating options. This time, it’s to highlight a surprisingly successful promotion that was held last Thursday — Tattoo Night.

The premise was simple: The team offered fans the opportunity to come to ballpark and get a River Bandits tattoo. Those who did so were rewarded with a 2009 berm season ticket. While this is not the the first time this type of promotion has occurred in the Minor Leagues (the Daytona Cubs made a similar offer a few years back, and others have followed suit), the River Bandits’ version was remarkably well-received.

General Manager Kirk Goodman reports that 28 (!) people got a River Bandits tattoo, and that the team’s makeshift tattoo parlor was busy from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Time for some photographic evidence:

You know this guy was psyched for this promotion from the very moment he heard about it:

Picture 021.jpg

Here’s a shot of one of the tattoo artists hard at work.

Picture 016.jpg
And, finally, some of the finished products (there’s 26 more where these came from):

Thumbnail image for Picture 020.jpg

Picture 025.jpg

Tat’s All, Folks!

Addendum! Tat’s Not All! Since we’re on the subject of the Quad City River Bandits, I will provide a link to this most amusing dizzy bat race:


Bat’s all, folks!


  1. timkuda

    Is this a sign of the times. Have we hit a new economic low where people can get their tattoo and ball game all for the price of none? Whatever floats their boat I guess. Pain, Paint and Baseball, who could ask for more!
    Tim Kuda

  2. Benjamin Hill

    Minor League Baseball is slowly transitioning to the barter system, and the River Bandits are on the cusp of this emerging trend.

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