Hirsute Happenings in the Heartland

silver.jpgLast week, I wrote an article on South Bend’s “Josh Collmenter Mustache Awareness Night”. This fine piece of probing investigative journalism ran in conjunction with my weekly “Promotion Preview” column, and was bolstered even further by a meticulously curated photo gallery of prominent Minor League mustaches as well as a fan poll.

I cannot take credit for the latter two features, as putting together such a wide array of mustache-related content was a team effort that involved many of MiLB.com’s greatest minds. But that is neither here nor there. What is “here” is that Josh Collmenter Mustache Night occurred last Wednesday, and I would like to provide a brief recap of this evening of sartorial splendor.

Silver Hawks’ director of sales and marketing Amy Hill reports that the event was “fantastic”, and that there was “perfect weather, a great crowd, and plenty of mustaches.” The promotion drew a reporter from a local television station, who provided the following coverage (scroll down a bit and click on “Watch the Video”)


A wide array of Silver Hawks players participated in a pre-game “best mustache” contest, and the winner was Derrick Walker. Unfortunately, I do not have an up-to-date photo of the 22-year-old right fielder. I imagine that his mustache has improved somewhat since this MiLB.com file photo was taken:

Thumbnail image for walker.jpg

But D-Walk was far from the only individual with a prominent mustache, as this picture of the South Bend front office makes painfully clear. Some of these ‘staches may be fake, but only God knows for sure:


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