A Biz Blog Exclusive Gets Even Exclusive-er

Last Thursday, I provided the world with an in-depth post on the B-Mets‘ nightly Spiedie Race. Toward the end of this mighty display of my journalistic prowess, I included the following photo, and asked readers to provide a caption:

Thumbnail image for Spiedie Race - Mascots.jpg

My vast cadre of loyal readers once again kept a rigid adherence to the “never, ever comment” school of blog readership. But that is of no matter. Because I received something better than a caption. I received a first-hand account from an individual who was a direct participant in the above chaos. Take it away, Mr. Santino R. Thomas:

You asked for a caption for one of your spiedie race pictures so I’ll tell you
what went on in that picture. First, however, I will tell you that I am a
B-Mets intern and, yes, I am the chef! It was mascot mania night at the
ballpark and we asked all of our visiting mascots to join in the spiedie race
fun…A mascot at the end of the line tripped and started a domino-effect of
mascots tumbling to the outfield grass. This ultimately ended with a pile-up of
mascots on top of the poor marinade, but not before “Tux” the
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins mascot took a flying leap at the marinade,
knocking the bottle to the ground.

So, there you have it folks. For those who may be curious, here is a photo of the aforementioned “Tux” (leave it to a hockey mascot to take things too far):


If anyone has any stories regarding Tux’s volatile behavior, or if anyone would like to defend his despicable act of marinade-tackling, then please get in touch.


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