President Bobarack Bobama


Last week, the six Minor League clubs operated by Mike
Veeck’s Goldklang Group staged “Bobblection 2008.” The premise behind
this promotion was simple, according to my Promotion Preview column from two
weeks ago:

“Bobblection is very simple at its core,” I wrote informatively.
“Upon entering the stadium, fans will select a bobblehead doll of either
Barack Obama or John McCain. The first candidate to run out of dolls (there
will be 500 of each) is declared the winner.”

The people have spoken, and the leader they prefer is bobblin’ Barack Obama.
Here are the results:



Hudson Valley, NY      750 
(51.3%)      713  (48.7)

Brockton, MA              500 
(52.3%)      456  (47.7%)

Charleston, SC           500 
(58.1%)      360  (41.9%)

St. Paul, MN               1250  (58%)       
906  (42%)

Sioux Falls, SD            500 
(55.2%)      405  (44.8%)

Fort Myers, FL             500  (54.4%)     
419  (45.6%)

TOTALS                   4,000 ( 55.1%)    3,259 ( 44.9%)

Astute observers will note that three of the teams listed
above (Sioux Falls, St. Paul, Brockton) are from the Independent Leagues, that wild and wooly bastion of the Minors that is officially outside of the Ben’s Biz Blog jurisdiction. For one shining moment, Bobblection was able to unite these normally isolated factions of professional baseball.  As a candidate of HOPE and CHANGE and UNITY and other buzzwords that signal a NEW ERA, Barack Obama  would certainly approve.

In other news: I will be out of the office over the next several days, for two exceedingly good reasons. Blog content will most likely be sparse, but do not think I have abandoned you. I would never do that.

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