There's No Hope In Dope

_vero_beach.gifWhen we last checked in with our friends in Vero Beach, it was to highlight their “Revolutionary War Night” promotion. In that post, it was mentioned that one of the club’s upcoming promos would be “Anti-Doping Night”. This special evening was strategically scheduled two days before “Olympic Night”, and was expressly designed to “promote healthy living and a drug-free lifestyle.”

Also on the Anti-Doping Night agenda was the distribution of 200 urine sample cups, a humorous nod to the standard drug test procedure. D-Rays Communications Manager Christa McElyea reports that not everyone “got it” when it came to the urine sample cups. Take this woman, for example:

Anti-Doping Night 1.jpg

But after conversing with a team employee, and obtaining more information from a passing golf cart, she soon understood what was going on:

Anti-Doping Night 3.jpg

Meanwhile, it didn’t take long for immature (yet creative) fans to start improvising new uses for the cup. This guy found out that it holds beer just as well as it holds urine. Well, let’s hope that’s beer:

Anti-Doping Night 2.jpg
Next up on the D-Rays’ promotional schedule is the 1-2 punch of “Keep Indian River Beautiful Night” and “Bike Night”, on Wednesday and Thursday nights respectively. Urine sample cups will not be included as part of any of these promos, but, nonetheless, you’re in luck if you will be able to attend a game on either of these nights.

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