Regular readers of this up-and-coming blog may recall this post, which detailed the Quad Cities River Bandits‘ surprisingly successful “Tattoo Night” promotion.

Yesterday, the Lake County Captains followed suit with a “Tattoo Night” of their own. Artists from a local tattoo studio set up shop at the ballpark, and five fans ended up making the decision to indelibly brand themselves with the Captains’ logo. Jonathan Levey, the Captains’ promotion manager, was kind enough to send along the following photo of one such fan:


If any other teams have been able to implore their fanbase to get a team logo tattoo, then by all means send along some pictures (benjamin.hill@mlb.com).

Meanwhile, I will simply implore my vast cadre of loyal readers to have a great weekend. Things are getting busy here at MiLB.com headquarters, but rest assured I shall find the time to make a few posts next week. There are a few things sitting in my inbox that just cannot be ignored.

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