Gettin' Better All the Time

qcrb.jpgThe Quad Cities River Bandits are coming off a very successful 2008 campaign, in which they aggressively rebranded themselves after several lackluster seasons as the Swing of the Quad Cities. Attendance at Modern Woodmen Park increased by a remarkable 39% as fans flocked to see this new-look ballclub.

Innovations such as these served to increase the club’s profile even further, inspiring some fans to go to extreme lengths to express their devotion. But even though the River Bandits are riding high, they are aware that there is always room for improvement.

But what to improve? That’s for the fans to decide!

The River Bandits are in the midst of a their two-pronged “You Pick the Improvement” contest,showimprove.jpg in which fans will select the next addition to the Modern Woodmen Park experience. Through September 19, the club is asking fans to visit and submit their suggestions. These suggestions will then be whittled down to six finalists, and the winner will be determined through an internet fan vote. The forward-thinking individual who makes the winning suggestion will recieve a pair of 2009 season tickets.

This “Pick the Improvement” concept is a novel one, and I expect other teams to follow suit as the offseason progresses. In fact, I will rip the idea off right now, and let my readers pick which improvement they would most like to see on this blog:

— No more references to this blog being “fine”, “esteemed”, or “up and coming”.
— Somehow, resolve that at least 25% of content is derived from something other than a press release.
— Come to the realization that no one appreciates subtle references to bands I liked in high school and college.
— Stop making pandering and increasing desperate attempts to get vast cadre of loyal readers to leave comments.
— Never again use the ridiculous phrase “vast cadre of loyal readers.”

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!



    You should change your picture at the top of the site to a picture of your current favorite minor league mascot with your face photo shopped on to the body. Soon, everyone associated with a minor league team will be checking to see if their mascot is your face’s body that week.

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