A Heartfelt Plea

your_vote_counts_button_3.jpgIt hardly seems possible, but some of you may not have seen my 2008 Year-end Promotions Review. It is located right here.

In the article, I nominated 10 promotions for the coveted title of
“Promotion of the Year”. The winner will be decided by a fan vote,
which means one thing, and one thing only: VOTE!

This means you! Vote! When all is said and done, I would like to see at
least 10,000 votes cast. I think this is a distinct possibility, since
many of the nominated teams have already launched their own promotional

In the early-going, a fierce three-team battle has emerged between the Lancaster JetHawks (Skateboard Giveaway), Fresno Grizzlies (Mascot Showdown) and Quad Cities River Bandits (Tattoo Night). But this one is far from over, and its going to go down to the wire.

So, please, once again: Vote! This is very important to me, as my worth
as a person is entirely based on the success of Minor League Baseball
fan polls.

Don’t let me down, America. 

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