Breaking News That Has, In Fact, Already Broke

TinCaps-Apple-Logo.jpgYesterday, I composed an epic post regarding the “also ran” entries in Fort Wayne’s “Name the Team” contest. In said post, I promised to “reveal” the team’s new identity, information that has in fact been public knowledge for the past week.

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The information to be “revealed” is this: The Fort Wayne Wizards are now the…

(drumroll, please,)

Fort Wayne Tincaps.

(cue noisemaker sound effects as well as opening chords to Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll, Pt. 2”)

“Whoa,” you exclaim. “That’s a pretty exotic name. What’s the story behind it?”

Well, since you’re the second person* to ask me that, I have an answer at the ready. Take it away, press release:

The “TinCaps” moniker is a reference to the beloved pioneer Johnny
Appleseed, who was known for wearing his tin cooking pot upon his head.

In Minor League Baseball you have the opportunity to create a brand
that with a true regional
jappleseed.jpg flavor,” stated General Manager, Mike Nutter.
“Johnny Appleseed, while known nationally, is a regional pioneer and
folk hero. His story, and the history of this area, gives us an
identity that is distinctively Fort Wayne. Johnny was a pioneer of the
Midwest frontier in a time with seemingly endless opportunity. We feel
a part of a new frontier in Fort Wayne’s growing downtown with the
continued development of the Harrison Square project.

So there you have it folks: The Fort Wayne Tincaps. I’m am all for this name. It takes pride in the fact that America, then and now, is a land of optimism and opportunity. And nothing is more American than the symbolic representation of a folk hero as an anthropomorphic piece of fruit.

*Get it? I was writing in the “second person”

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