A Request

jerusalem.jpgApologies in advance for the fact that today’s post isn’t going to be
exciting. In fact, it’s directed to only a small portion of my vast
cadre of loyal readers: the “industry”.

Hey, industry. By now
you have probably noticed that each week we run a team profile column
on MiLB.com entitled “At Home With”. Here’s a sample. Here’s another
. Here’s yet another.

These columns highlight the distinct
personalities and operating principles of Minor League teams, and as
such I’d like to think they are a good read. However, our stockpile of
upcoming “At Home With” columns has hit critically low levels, and
needs to be replenished. That’s where YOU come in. Email me if you
would like your team to be featured in an upcoming edition of “At Home
With”, and I’ll do my best to set something up.


jeez, now I feel bad that this post has alienated a substantial portion
of my daily readership. I have combed through my notes, and cannot come
up with anything else to talk about today. In times of crisis like
these, one must revert to the tried and true. Enjoy this classic photo
from the Ben’s Biz vault, and please do your best to enjoy the
remainder of your Friday afternoon.

Taco In A Helmet-thumb-450x587.jpg

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