Unheralded Genius


I am going to have to make today’s post a quick one, seeing as how I am still spending my time in a remote location which I am not permitted to divulge.

But yesterday I promised to provide you all with a chance to view one of the greatest pieces of 21st-century adolescent American folk yet created, and now I shall make good on that claim.

The Bowie Baysox recently staged “Louie’s Turkey Time Coloring Contest”, in which local elementary school students were invited to add their own unique touches to a black and white drawing of Louie the team mascot.

Behold, the winner:


There is much here to love, so make sure to spend some time loving it. Seven-year-old Casey is obviously one to to watch on the Bowie art scene. He (or she) clearly has a future as a free-thinking, iconoclastic artist, one who possesses that rare ability to make us re-evaluate our most cherished and deeply-held beliefs.

Bravo, Casey. Bravo (and thanks to this guy for first alerting me to this masterpiece).  

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