Live and Direct from Breinigsville, PA

ironmanwarpigssabbathrules.JPGSo, as feared, this blog did indeed sputter to a halt for a few days. But now it is time to put the keys back in the ignition, get the engine revving, and see how long it takes to this thing back to cruising altitude.

First things first — Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Lehigh Valley IronPigs annual Phillies Caravan. The sold-out event was held in the banquet room of a local Holiday Inn, and featured a bevy of Phillies-related guests and events. Some highlights:

— All in attendance had the opportunity to get their picture taken with the Phillies’ Worldworld-series-trophy.jpg Series trophy. The pictures were then placed in a commemorative cardboard frame that had been autographed by Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.

— A live charity auction, featuring items such as a Veterans Stadium seats, autographed Phillies and IronPigs memorabilia, and Spring Training getaways. The opportunity to be a “Reporter for a Day” at local station WFMZ 69 went for the shockingly low price of $125. Don’t people realize that this is a station that played a key role in bringing the art of Spam Carving to a national audience?

— The tenacious joke-telling of IronPigs media relations director Matt Provence, who MCed the event. Bad jokes are an art form in and of themselves, and Provence is clearly dedicated to the craft. 

madson.jpg— Off-the-cuff interviews with Phillies bullpen stalwarts Ryan Madson and Scott Eyre, conducted by announcer Tom McCarthy.

— Complimentary Budweiser

While off-season Caravan and Hot Stove events will never rival the enjoyment of spending an evening at the ballpark, they are still excellent ways to get the community thinking about baseball while raising money for charity. Also, the manner in which they are run inevitably say a lot about the commitment and competence of the front office staff, and the IronPigs obviously have a good thing going in Lehigh Valley. Special thanks goes out to director of community relations Sarah Marten, who extended the invitation for me to attend the Caravan, and also did a tremendous amount of work to make the event go off without a hitch.

Bottom line is that I am a fan of event attendance! I do my best to accept any and all invitations, so get in touch at

Finally, here’s a photo from last night, featuring myself and longtime friend/former next-door neighbor Ted Arnold. I’m on the left, clearly in “offseason mode” when it comes to hair length:


More blog content tomorrow, for sure. For the first time in little while I’ve got a small backlog of material, which is a most encouraging development. Thanks to all who got in touch with topic suggestions. 

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