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ump.jpgWe’re inching ever-closer toward Opening Day. Press releases touting Hot Stove Dinners have given way to those announcing National Anthem Auditions and Job Fairs. This is the way of things.

As this slow march toward real live baseball progresses, teams must kick their promotional campaigns into overdrive. In addition to TV, radio, billboards, newspaper ads, and other more traditional means of advertising, there is now another way in which to promote the upcoming season.

You may have heard of it. It’s called “the internet“.

Last week, Corpus Christi Hooks promotions coordinator Seamus “Don’t spell it Shamus”cch.jpg Gallivan sent me a link to some of the recent videos his club has produced. Modeled after ESPN’s “Sportcenter” commercials, the “This Is Hooks Baseball” campaign adopts a dry, absurdist tone.

Check them out here.

As we move closer to the season, I’ll make a point to highlight internet ad campaigns throughout the Minor Leagues. Send me an email if you’d like the team you work and/or root for to be featured.

Moving On…And while I’m in solicitation mode, let me mention two other things.

First Thing: Next week, I will be working on a story for about Valentine’s Day in the Minor Leagues. I have come across a half-dozen or so clubs who are doing promotions tied in with the holiday, but there are surely more. Let me know.

Second Thing: Our weekly “At Home With” team profile column will be going on hiatus once the season starts. I still have three or four open spots available. Don’t miss the chance to have your team featured. Send me an email if you’re interested. 


  1. beesgal

    I really shouldn’t be spreading gossip, . . .aw, what the heck. I think our Orem Owlz mascot Hootz has a lady friend. Don’t know who the mystery Ladybird is, but Hoot seems to be all a-flutter over her.
    Video clip: http://

    Blogposts: http://


    Thanks for the love, Ben, we have plenty more “This is Hooks Baseball” spots in store…

    And for the record, you corrected yourself in the spelling of my name – if it bothered me, I’da been locked in the loony bin a long time ago…

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