Not Deterred by the Downturn

color bars.jpgBefore moving onto today’s post, I must make the following announcement:

Over the past year,’s “At Home With” team profile column has been a weekly feature on the site. In that time I have contacted nearly every club in affiliated baseball, some of whom were gracious enough not to ignore it completely.

But once the 2009 season starts, “At Home With” will go on hiatus. This hiatus might be permanent.

Therefore, if you work for a Minor League team, and would like to be featured — ACT NOW! There is ONE slot available, to run on March 26th. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Email I will review all correspondence related to this matter before coming to a fair and balanced conclusion. 

But if you don’t get in touch at all, you will regret your inaction for the rest of your time on this mortal coil. Every morning will start with the heartfelt lament of “Oh, what could’ve been.”

We now join our regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

…I promise, that will be my fourth and final joke about the lax regulation of industry during theBoise_Hawks.jpg 19th century. Because I have much more important things on my mind. Things such as this:

Earlier this week, the Boise Hawks announced that they will be offering “free tickets this season to those adversely impacted by the current economic downturn.”

More specifically, “unemployed members of the community” will be able to attend for free on Mondays. Let’s let the press release take over from here:

“Frankly, we’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do,” said Hawks President/GM Todd Rahr
“Yes, we’re a business and we have an obligation to our owners and
stockholders.  But at the same time, we’ve been a partner in this
community for over two decades and we have an obligation to lend a hand
and act responsibly in the good times and perhaps even more so in the
tough times.”

ticket.jpgTo qualify for the free tickets, the recipient will need to show an
unemployment pay stub that was issued at any time during the previous
four weeks.  Up to four tickets will be available for each out of work
fan and the tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served

The Hawks’ promotion is one of many economic downturn-inspired initiatives that have been announced throughout the Minor Leagues this offseason, and many more are sure to come. As I’ve written before, the goodwill generated by such actions should outweigh the damage done to the bottom line.

Have a good weekend, everybody. I’ll be back on Monday with a most intriguing announcement, one that will actually involve me leaving the warm embrace of New York City.

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