Wardrobe Dysfunction in South Bend

sbsh.gifWhere does the time go?

It was one week ago today that the South Bend Silver Hawks held an “Ugly Sweater Night” promotion. How it worked was simple — fans who wore ugly sweaters to the ballpark received free admission, with the owner of the ugliest sweater winning a pair of round-trip tickets courtesy of Allegiant Air.

This all sounds rather subjective. Cliches that apply in this situation include “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “one’s man trash is another man’s treasure”. So what kind of sweater could unite the masses, causing one and all to deem it hideous?

Here’s your answer:


I’m not sure if the gold chain is somehow part of the sweater. If so, that brings the ugliness quotient into the stratosphere.

On an unrelated note, see that plaque on the far left? I have won a local version of that award every year since 1996, although I am told it has everything to do with my obnoxious disposition and nothing to do with my well-toned posterior.

In closing, here is a blurry shot of Ms. Ugly Sweater and a few of her closest competitors, flaunting their wardrobe atrocities atop the dugout. I like that kid on the far left, posing with his hands in his pockets like this is the kind of thing he does every day:


If you have any Minor League news, Ugly Sweater-related or otherwise, then you know what to do:



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