Age Ain't Nothing But a Three-Digit Number

On Sunday afternoon in Boston, the Red Sox made headlines by having 100-year-old Arthur Giddon serve as an honorary batboy.

That’s a great story, but it was trumped by a something that occurred in the Minor Leagues on Friday night: 102-year-old Chris Norcera, a Round Rock Express season-ticket holder, threw out an honorary first pitch at Dell Diamond. 

In lieu of making lame age jokes that inevitably find a way to reference Jamie Moyer, I will now defer to the photographic evidence.

Nocera winds:

102 pitch 1.JPG

 And delivers:
102 pitch 2.JPG

And, finally, basks in the happy afterglow of a job well-done:

102 pitch 3.JPG

The Express, no doubt inspired by Nocera’s strike-throwing capabilities, scored six runs in the first inning en route to a 7-4 victory.

If YOU are aware of further centenarian exploits occurring at the Minor League level, then do not hesitate to get in touch at

And, on another note, let me remind everyone that I am not just a blogger. Here are two articles from last week that are worth sharing (the “special to” byline means that I am not exclusive to, by the way).

A look at the job of clubhouse manager.

Pitchers umpire in wild South Atlantic League game (my favorite kind of story).

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