Parodies Don't Come Cheap

return.jpgLook who’s back
back again
Ben’s Biz back
Tell a friend

Forgive me the above transgression against all that is clever. Since Eminem’s new album “dropped” today, I figured I should use the opportunity to make a hackneyed reference to one of his previous hits. Carpe Diem and all that.

And, it’s true: I am, indeed, “back”. I’ll have some stunning tales (and pictures and video) from my trip to Huntsville up later in the week. But for now, let me ease back into the blogging game with this:

More player headshots from Fresno’s “Mad Tight 90s Night”!

First, Ryan Sadowski re-imagined as an alt-rock nerd:

90s Night- Sadowski.JPG

And here we have a shot of one Adam “LL” Witters. Don’t call it a comeback!

90s Night -- Witter.JPG

Finally, Eli Whiteside takes things “to the extreme”:

90s Night -- whiteside.JPG

But don’t think the Grizzlies are the only team that engages in the nefarious practice of album cover art doctoring. In Reading, the Phillies advertise upcoming mascot band performances thusly:

nevermind mascot band.JPG

But for all you youngsters out there — let me remind you that the first person to parody the Nevermind cover art was also the greatest. All hail my hero, Mr. Alfred Yankovic:


If you have any doctored ’90s cover art to share, please send it to:

I look forward to hearing from you.

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