Housekeeping Until Said House is Kept

logo.jpgGreetings, once again, from New Orleans.

It is been rather difficult for me to update the blog over the past several days, as the task of attending and then writing about the promotional seminar has proven to be all-encompassing. Nonetheless, there are a few pertinent matters that I feel my readership needs to be aware of.

Matter the first is this:

My comprehensive “Year in Promotions” article is now up on

Read it, explore the copious linkage provided, and, most importantly, VOTE for your favorite promotion of the season. The more votes this article gets, the more my existence is justified. At the very least, then, think of this as a charitable act — pitch in to improve the mental health of a perpetually anxious and dissatisfied baseball writer!

Moving on…

I have been covering the Minor League Baseball Promotional Seminar as if I were some sort of journalist.

Read about it HERE. I have been enjoying myself in New Orleans, overall, and it’s been aps_banner.jpg great opportunity to meet/reconnect with those in “the industry.” My one complaint has been the lack of quality food. New Orleans is a culinary mecca, offering dishes of virtually unfathomable deliciousness as if it were no big thing. But I’ve had to subsist on generic catered hotel offerings, and even our field trips to outside locations have resulted in little more than chicken fingers and pasta. I need something authentic, or else I might turn to dust.

Finally, an article I wrote about Cole Hamels can be found HERE. These sort of stories, they help to pass the time.

And Since I’ve Got Your Attention (maybe)…

I am always curious if any readers of this blog can relate to my musical sensibilities (which are admittedly all over the place). What I am currently looking forward to are the new albums from Om and Anti-Pop Consortium. If this, or anything I write, means anything to you then please get in touch.

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