Mutton Busting, Mystery, and More

checksmixx.jpgI am currently working on what can only be described as a “very special” blog post, which will run Friday.  But by no means should this prohibit me from posting something today. So post I shall.

First and foremost, I would like to direct everyone’s attention to the first-ever offseason edition of “Promotion Preview”. This column will run bi-weekly through the end of March, giving me an opportunity to highlight the many events taking place at Minor League stadiums across the country. As always, email me at in order to let me know what’s coming up/going on/already occurred (this is part of my long-term strategy to embrace the past, present, and future with equal enthusiasm).

Moving on…it’s taken me a little while to get around to mentioning this, but the Fresnooffseason.jpg Grizzlies are once again running weekly “I Hate the Offseason” video shorts. The club began doing this in 2008 as a way to engage the fans year-round, and I was certain that other teams would follow suit in ’09. Thus far this has not occurred, marking the first time ever that one of my unsubstantiated assumptions has turned out to be false.

Regardless, each episode of “I Hate the Offseason” revolves around Parker the mascot getting himself into some sort of outlandish situation. This week, Parker goes mutton-busting.

Finally, and apropos of nothing, I would like to point out the existence of a website called Mystery Google (which I came across while perusing a list of websites that for one reason or another have directed people to Ben’s Biz Blog). How it works is simple — you type in a search term, and the site then directs you to what the previous user searched for. For example, I just went to the site and searched for “Taco in a Helmet“, and what came up were the search results for “no not soul mates :(”

This is the kind of thing I could mess around with all day. And since it’s the offseason, that’s exactly what I’ll do (addendum: I did not do this all day, due to some definitively “NSFW” search results. I hope I do not get fired as a result of Mystery Google).  

Until tomorrow, I remain,

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