Triple Scoop

triplescoop.jpgAs part of my ongoing effort to “go with the flow” in all aspects of
existence, I will now attempt to combine a triumvirate of seemingly
disparate topics into a cohesive whole. Wish me luck.

— The Lakewood BlueClaws
announced yesterday that they will be hosting three “Nine Innings of
Networking” events in 2009. Geared toward those in the local business
community, these promotional nights feature a pre-game buffet, business
card raffles, guest speakers, and, of course, the opportunity for some
schmoozing. The BlueClaws commitment to the idea is evident, as the
team has already set up a separate “Nine Innings of Networking” web page and Twittter account

And speaking of committing to an idea…Last season, the Bowie Baysox generated publicity for themselves by staging the “Search for the Golden Wieters”.
What happened was this: the team hid a special edition bobblehead of
super-prospect Matt Wieters somewhere in the community, and challenged
fans to find it through a series of website clues (spoiler alert: it
was in the library).

The “Search for the Golden Wieters” was,
quite obviously, a good idea. A good idea that was destined to be utililzed by
another club. And the club that is utilizing the ideas, as of right now, is the Lowell Spinners. On Monday,
the Lo-Spins (only I call them that) announced their “Find the Canaligator”
contest. Clues will be left on the website every Monday and Thursday,
and the sleuth who locates the hidden Canaligator bobblehead recieves a
massive 2010 Spinners prize pack.

And speaking of Boston Red Sox affiliates…Yesterday
the Portland Sea Dogs announced that they are selling what they
proclaim to be “The Ultimate Baseball Gift”. What could such a gift be?
Click HERE to find out. Hah, no, just kidding. Click HERE.

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