Champ Chosen in Champ Choosing Competition

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for trenton_logo.GIFReaders of this blog may recall that, prior to the World Series, the Yankee-affiliated Trenton Thunder and Phillie-affiliated Lakewood BlueClaws staged a “Choose Your Champ” contest. The premise was simple: fans had to submit their World Series predictions, including winner, number of games, and eventual MVP. The fan with the winning entry was to receive an all-expenses paid trip to Opening Day 2010, at the expense of the team affiliated with the World Series loser.

Okay, that didn’t sound so simple when I was just typing it all out. But, trust me, it was. IfThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lakewood.gif more information is needed, click HERE and HERE to peruse my prior coverage of this bombshell story.

For those of you may be unaware (newborns and the Amish, essentially), the Yankees won the World Series in six games and Hideki Matsui was MVP. But despite the fact that over a thousand people entered the ‘Choose Your Champ’ contest, no one picked all three of these occurrences. So, the Trenton Thunder resorted to Plan B: a mascot-abetted random drawing. Just try to contain your excitement while watching this Hitchcockian masterpiece of sustained suspense:

Congratulations to Princeton paralegal Marc Rosenthal, whose ability to have his name drawn out of a batting helmet remains unparalleled. The BlueClaws blog caught up with Rosenthal this morning, as befits a journalistic entity of uncommon tenacity. Click HERE to read Rosenthal’s thoughts on emerging victorious in this hotly-contested duel of World Series prognosticators.

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