Superstitions, Swedes, and Analogies of Dubious Relevance

mirror.gifHappy Friday the 13th — a day in which misfortune is the norm and calamity lurks behind every corner.

This is the third and final Friday the 13th of 2009, and as (bad) luck would have it none fell during the baseball season. This deprived teams of the chance to stage superstition-themed promos, with ladders on the concourse, broken mirrors in the bathrooms, and black cats darting across the outfield. Or something like that. All of this is to say that the next in-season Friday the 13th will be 8/13/2010, and I fully expect for there to be an abundance of interesting promotions on this day. If YOU, whoever YOU may be, have any Friday the 13th Minor League promo suggestions then please get in touch (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., all listed below).

Moving on…The Fresno Grizzlies released a “very special” episode of their “I Hate theswede.jpg Offseason” video series today. The episode is entitled “The Swedelot”, so named because it is a “Swede” — a summarized re-creation of a favorite movie (in this case, “The Sandlot”). The Grizzlies entered “The Swedelot” into the “Fresno Swede Fest“, winning awards for both “Best Actor” (thanks to Parker the mascot’s powerhouse performance) and “Best Original Screenplay”.

I know that was a lot to digest, but do your best. Also, watch the episode HERE.

Meanwhile, the upstart O-Royals continue to move in the opposite direction with their “My Offseason Life Is Average” series. The latest episode, minus the opening and closing credits, is about five seconds long.

If I may make an analogy — if these two video series were 1970s English rock bands, “I Hate the Offseason” would be Queen and “My Offseason Life is Average” would be the Sex Pistols. Discuss.

Finally, the blog “A Penny’s Worth” recently featured an interview with Lakeland Flying Tigers general manager Zach Burek. Check it out HERE.

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