A Discussion Involving Homebody Bobbles, Elderly Even-Toed Ungulates

canalbobble.jpgNine days ago, when the Earth was young and men were men, I wrote on the topic of the Lowell Spinners’ “Search for the Missing Canaligator.” I wrote about it RIGHT HERE, in fact. 

The premise was simple: the team hid a special Canaligator bobblehead somewhere within Lowell city limits. Then, a series of clues was incrementally released. Said clues revealed the wayward bobblehead to have remarkably little ambition, as most were focused on how Canaligator likes to stay indoors and hang out near the ballpark.

And, lo and behold, he was hiding at the team gift shop. A fan with a most detective-like name, Matt Savage, was the first to roust the Canaligator bobblehead from its hiding spot. In exchange for these Herculean efforts, he will be rewarded with four tickets to the team’s upcoming alumni dinner, every bobblehead the team gives away in 2010, and the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a game next season. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

In other news, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs recently announced that they have formed a “club” for the team’s more aged supporters — The Silver Pigs. I almost wish I was 29 years older, just so I could call myself a “Silver Pig”.


Membership to this esteemed institution costs $25, and includes a t-shirt, seat cushion, an invitation to play some bingo, and a ticket to Silver Pigs group night on August 31 (complete with ballpark tour).

I am hoping that South Bend institutes a similar program, just because they could call it the Silver Silver Hawks. Obviously, it takes very little to amuse me these days.


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