Hit Me with Your Head Shot

benbiz.png(note: please send head shots by February 18th, so that I may include them in a blog post the next day. And thanks to everyone who has sent something thus far).  

It’s Friday afternoon, and thoughts of snow and the Super Bowl are prevalent in the minds of the populace.

Not me, however. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Because now it is time to get proactive regarding one of my most pressing offseason goals: to update my blog profile picture. Much has changed since I put on a suit coat and no pants in order to pose for my fireworks-enhanced head shot, and I no longer feel that said photograph captures the essence of the Ben’s Biz Blog experience.

As usual, I need some help. I know that there are a lot of graphic design wizards who read this blog, the sort of people who regularly create weird and wacky scoreboard visuals. Well, please do me a favor and doctor any or all of the following photographs, anyway you see fit. My goal is to be able rotate head shots depending on my mood (thanks to photographic wizard Danny Wild for taking these pictures):

Ben no background.png   



Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, see what you can do with this:

Thank you in advance for your help with this extremely important matter. Please do not let me down. 



  1. bluesman42@gmail.com

    Alright, so I’ll do my best. When I’m on my trip I’ll get some shots of various entrances. Maybe photoshop you in, get people to think you get to spend all summer at the minors. Oh, wait. You do.

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