Notable News from the Eminent Northwest

eugene.jpgThe Eugene Emeralds season won’t begin for another two and a half months, a period of time that hyperbole-stricken bloggers might refer to as “a virtual eternity.”
Well, not me. Mid-June will be here faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”, and instead of picking my feet in Poughkeepsie I’m going to stay on top of short-season news with a level of diligent vigilance unprecedented in the world of Minor League Biz Blogging.

So with self-indulgent preamble firmly in the rear-view mirror, let’s take a look at a few highlights from the Emeralds’ recently released 2010 promo schedule. The club is now under the direction of new GM Alan Benavides, who previously served as assistant GM of the always irreverent Lake Elsinore Storm (where perhaps his greatest triumph was THIS). 

Tri”Butte” Night (July 14) — In honor of the steep isolated hills that make the Eugene area soskinner.jpg geographically memorable.

Whine and Wine Night (July 28) — The club is inviting of-age fans to “taste some wine and let us know your feelings — whine about anything!” Certain individuals I know have staged this promotion in their living rooms on a near-nightly basis for the better part of the last decade. 

Simpsons Night/Springfield’s 125th Anniversary (July 30th) — In which the Ems simultaneously celebrate the long-running TV show as well as the nearby town which allegedly inspired it. The team will wear “Springfield Ems” jerseys, all of them bearing the number #125.

Hyphen-hatin’ Night (August 9) — The evening’s opponent is the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. I’m guessing the inspiration for this promo came from Myrtle Beach.

Oregon Trail Night (August 16) — A celebration of both state pride and the iconic computer game. Remember — you can shoot all the game you want, but you’ll only be able to carry 100 pounds back to the wagon.

And lest I forget to mention — the Emeralds will be playing in a new stadium in 2010, taking the field in PK Park after spending the previous four decades in Civic Stadium. Early indications are that it’s going to be an “Em”eroable year.   

— Now let’s travel south to Visalia, CA, an area that is suddenly a hotbed of Conan O’Brien-inspired mascot mobility. Here, Rawhide mascot Tipper realizes that he must get to the ballpark post-haste, revealing an irrational hatred of Carl’s Jr. along the way:

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